About Us

Kumari Life was founded in 2018 by Tania who was given the name “Kumari Devi” by the yoga school when she qualified as a Yoga teacher.

With her mindfulness and zest for life she created Kumari life and brought colour and soulfulness into her store items. To create originality and uniqueness of her leggings/pants Kumari Life only makes limited stock of each fabric print. To bring in the essence of Africa we also use the best Shwe Shwe African print fabric available for the accessories.

  • Kumari Life is committed to sourcing only in South Africa and providing jobs to the community.
  • Kumari Life is dedicated to providing authentic items which are made by the local community.
  • Kumari Life is devoted to inspire you to bring colour curves and mindful into your being.

Look Good, Feel Good, shop Kumari Life today.